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Valentine Day Wishes And Love Sayings

Valentine Day Wishes And Love Sayings

Valentine’s Day is formally known, Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February of each year. On this day people share unique, romantic gifts and love cards with their loved ones like girlfriends, boyfriends, wife and husband. Everyone try to make Valentine Day memorable & romantic with their love ones. Lovely Poetry, lovely wishes, and lovely sayings have been exchanged between lovers since the Middle Ages. For centuries, lovers write love wishes and love sayings to one another on this Day. Valentine Day Wishes And Love Sayings. Happy valentines Day 14 Feb 2017.

Valentine's Day Saying

Happy Valentine Day Wishes And Love Sayings are:

  • When I decide to think of all the reasons that I love you, my head hurts. I don’t want to count that high.

  • Being in love with you is like being irrationally obsessed. O.k., I admit it. I am guilty of being an obsessed with you.

  • My heart hurts your heart.

  • Chocolate covered with cherries, roses, and teddy bears are way too pleasant to symbolize real genuine love.

  • If you have an important someone on Valentine’s Day, she should know how important she is before Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Saying1

  • Valentine’s Day is a day of reflection for the lonely.

  • If we want to made each and every day Valentine’s Day, then this world would be a better place.

  • Valentine’s Day is a great, lovely day to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic gesture. There’s no way she’ll be expecting it on that day.

  • Nothing is more romantic and lovely than going out on the busiest date night of the year. That’s why so many people do it every year on Valentine’s Day.

  • Love is the most important part of Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t cost anything.

  • Valentine’s Day is a day for romantics to feel normal.

  • Valentine’s Day is all about putting your love into action.

  • No one hates Valentine’s Day like a man who knows the woman he loves is with another.

Valentine's Day Saying2

  • To be treated the same way everyday… that’s my take on Valentine’s Day

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest. I so look forward to seeing you tonigh

  • A day without you is a day without a sun, a night without you is a night without the moon and a life without you is a life without life.

  • I just want you to be with me one day and give up all our goods and bads. We are meant to be together and i am glad things are going in that order.

  • On a scale from one to 10, I would give you a nine, and I am the one you need

  • I love you more than a porcupine has needles, and that seems to be a lot. cute valentines day wishes to you

Valentine's Day Saying3

  • Put on one some of those golden oldies and let’s dance the night away.

  • For love for you, I would even do the thing Meat Loaf wouldn’t do.

  • Love is eating burnt toast and lumpy craving with a big smile

  • True friends are difficult to find because the best ones are already mine, so I love my Friends. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  •  Sweeter than chocolates, Sweeter than wind and Sweeter than just about everything, Only You are my Valentine, Happy I Love You Day.

  • Love is in the air, and it might get a little difficult to breathe today.

  • My heart always hurts your heart.

  • I have been thinking of some sayings to describe you, but then I realized those same sayings could discover my gift to you: beautiful, sweet, lovely, etc.

  • You make Valentine day a fun time for me. All I can do is write you a poem.

  • We have a special kind of love that we can celebrate in a special way.

  • All we need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

  • Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.

  • I love roses on my table from you more than diamonds on my neck.

  • I have destroyed in love many times…but always with you

  • If you live to be a thousand, I want to live to be a thousand minus one day so I can’t live without you.

  • Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.

  • Millions of hearts would be very few to carry all my love for you.

  • If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

  • Friendship is Love without his wings

  • When love is not craziness, it is not love.

  •  Come live in my heart, and don’t pay rent.

  • Love is the only gold.

  • A hundred hearts would be few To carry all my love for you.

  • Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

  • Falling in love is so hard on the knees

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