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Pro Kabaddi 2018 Live Streaming – Watch Live Score, Match Schedule Dates, Prize Money & Timings

Pro Kabaddi 5 th Edition to kick start on 28 th July. The audience who wants to watch the TV The Pro Kabaddi auction with 400 players have done on 22 nd May at New Delhi. The Pro Kabaddi edition 5 teams include Telugu Titans, Bengal Warriors, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Dabang Delhi, Bengaluru Bulls, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan and U Mumbai. In 5 th edition 4 new teams to join the season The new teams are Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu.

Watch Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Live Streaming 2018 Online Youtube & Starsports HD

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Pro Kabaddi 2018 Live Streaming – Match Schedule Dates & Watch Live Score, Prize Money

Pro Kabaddi League 5 – Highest Paid Players

However, there were 12 franchises show which has the ability to stick on one player from a year ago alliance spent roughly Rs. 47 Crores more than 227 players.

  • Nitin Kumar is the most expensive player among all others with Rs. 93 Lakhs in Uttar Pradesh team.
  • For Rs. 81 Lakhs, Rohit Kumar went to Bengaluru Bulls.
  • Manjeet Chhillar for Rs. 75.5 lakhs, Surjit Singh for Rs. 73 lakhs.
  • Selvamani K by Rs. 73 lakhs.
  • Suraj Desai is the most astounding class B player who acquired by Dabang Delhi with Rs. 52.5 lakhs.
  • In conclusion, South Korea's player Jang Kun Lee is kept by Bengal Warriors for Rs. 80.3 Lakhs He is the most expensive universal player.

Star Kabaddi Live 2018 – Live Schedule, Date and Venue:

Here in this article, we have furnished the full information about Pro Kabaddi League 2018, Venue, and its date and time and more details. However, the pitiful thing is, till now the schedule has not finished yet, and every one of the things we just got the news about its date to be begun and i.e on 28th July 2018 . The finale will be expected for 28th October 2018. Before we know which channels we should visit Pro Kabaddi Live, let us investigate a diagram of Pro Kabaddi Season 4.

Review of Pro Kabaddi Season 4:

In the last of the season 4 of Pro Kabaddi League, the Patna Pirates played a massive game and won the victory against Pink Panthers. Patna Pirates have even won the Season 3 Pro Kabaddi sport, and again they are on the prompt triumph. They are the main team who won the competition twice continuously in the four-version history of Pro Kabaddi. Actually, in season 4 Pradeep Narwal a player of Patna Pirates demonstrated his shocking ability to win the competition against Pink Panther. Patna Pirates made some persuading results regarding 37/29 lastly won their competition with diligent work. Till today, Patna Pirates has been the most successful team for Pro Kabaddi sport. Also, the principal motivation to win is the 19-year-old Pradeep Narwal, the most youthful player of Patna Pirates. Also, this year we can expect that Patna Pirates will win the competition once more.

Last Season 5 Pro Kabaddi Live 2018: Watch Pro Kabaddi 2018 Live Streaming Online

This year every one of the teams is very strong and even All the old teams and the new four teams will be gunning for the trophy. However, since, it's a hatrick chance for the Patna Pirates, they will try their best to win the season 5 of Pro Kabaddi live and leave a mark on the world. Whatever can be done, the season 5 of Pro Kabaddi will be very energising.

Above, we have drilled down the Pro Kabaddi League start date and furthermore the date of the last game.

To stay tuned and to know the live scores and different updates identified with Pro Kabaddi Live 2018 you can download the VIVO Pro Kabaddi App from the Google Play Store .

Hotstar Sports Channel or Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3 and Star Gold Or, then again you can also get updates of Pro Kabaddi 2018 from . For more updates, download Hot Star App from Google Play Store now on your Android gadgets.

If you are a sports person and in addition a Kabaddi fan, if you are a sports person and in addition, you will continue to check on any given minute about Pro Kabaddi Live 2018. Season 5 finale will be much interesting on 28th October 2018. at that point get the show on your gadget and watch the game consistently Keep yourself refreshed with Pro Kabaddi news for most recent data.

Pro Kabaddi Live | Vivo PKL 2018 Season 5 New Teams & Schedule

The fifth edition of Pro Kabbadi will have all the same series, however, there are new 4 series to win the title. The new team will be the Gujrat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. The fifth edition of Pro Kabaddi will begin from 28th of one month from now and the last match has been set apart to be played on October 28 (2018).

Here is the complete schedule for the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 Season 5:

Date Venue Match 1 (8 pm) Match 2 (9 pm)
July 28 Hyderabad HYD vs CHE MUM vs PUN
July 29 Hyderabad JAI vs DEL HYD vs PAT
July 30 Hyderabad MUM vs HAR HYD vs BLR
July 31 Hyderabad Rest day Rest day
Aug 1 Hyderabad GUJ vs DEL HYD vs UP
Aug 2 Hyderabad GUJ vs HAR HYD vs KOL
Aug 3 Hyderabad HYD vs PAT
Aug 4 Bengaluru BLR vs CHE PUN vs DEL
Aug 5 Bengaluru MUM vs DEL BLR vs UP
Aug 6 Bengaluru KOL vs UP BLR vs PAT
Aug 7 Bengaluru Rest day Rest day
Aug 8 Bengaluru GUJ vs HAR BLR vs HYD
Aug 9 Bengaluru BLR vs KOL
Aug 10 Bengaluru PUN vs JAI BLR vs CHE
Aug 11 Ahmedabad GUJ vs MUM
Aug 12 Ahmedabad HYD vs UP GUJ vs DEL
Aug 13 Ahmedabad PAT vs UP GUJ vs JAI
Aug 14 Ahmedabad Rest day Rest day
Aug 15 Ahmedabad KOL vs PUN GUJ vs BLR
Aug 16 Ahmedabad HAR vs CHE GUJ vs HYD
Aug 17 Ahmedabad DEL vs CHE GUJ vs KOL
Aug 18 Lucknow UP vs MUM BLR vs JAI
Aug 19 Lucknow HYD vs MUM UP vs HAR
Aug 20 Lucknow PAT vs PUN UP vs JAI
Aug 21 Lucknow Rest day Rest day
Aug 22 Lucknow GUJ vs PUN UP vs KOL
Aug 23 Lucknow HAR vs DEL UP vs CHE
Aug 24 Lucknow UP vs HYD
Aug 25 Mumbai MUM vs JAI KOL vs PAT
Aug 26 Mumbai PAT vs CHE MUM vs PUN
Aug 27 Mumbai KOL vs BLR MUM vs DEL
Aug 28 Mumbai Rest day Rest day
Aug 29 Mumbai BLR vs UP MUM vs GUJ
Aug 30 Mumbai MUM vs HAR
Aug 31 Mumbai HYD vs CHE MUM vs JAI
Sep 1 Kolkata KOL vs PAT
Sep 2 Kolkata GUJ vs HAR KOL vs UP
Sep 3 Kolkata GUJ vs JAI KOL vs CHE
Sep 4 Kolkata Rest day Rest day
Sep 5 Kolkata PAT vs JAI KOL vs HAR
Sep 6 Kolkata DEL vs BLR KOL vs MUM
Sep 7 Kolkata HYD vs PUN KOL vs DEL
Sep 8 Haryana HAR vs PAT GUJ vs UP
Sep 9 Haryana PAT vs MUM HAR vs BLR
September 10 Haryana BLR vs PUN HAR vs HYD
Sep 11 Haryana Rest day Rest day
Sep 12 Haryana KOL vs HYD HAR vs DEL
Sep 13 Haryana CHE vs UP HAR vs PUN
Sep 14 Haryana HAR vs JAI
Sep 15 Ranchi PAT vs HYD MUM vs GUJ
Sep 16 Ranchi BLR vs HYD PAT vs UP
Sep 17 Ranchi JAI vs DEL PAT vs KOL
Sep 18 Ranchi Rest day Rest day
Sep 19 Ranchi PUN vs HAR PAT vs BLR
Sep 20 Ranchi PAT vs CHE
Sep 21 Ranchi JAI vs HAR PAT vs UP
Sep 22 Delhi DEL vs MUM
Sep 23 Delhi BLR vs KOL DEL vs PUN
Sep 24 Delhi KOL vs CHE DEL vs HAR
Sep 25 Delhi Rest day Rest day
Sep 26 Delhi GUJ vs CHE DEL vs PAT
Sep 27 Delhi HYD vs JAI DEL vs UP
Sep 28 Delhi BLR vs MUM DEL vs HYD
Sep 29 Chennai CHE vs PUN GUJ vs PAT
Sep 30 Chennai PUN vs UP CHE vs JAI
Oct 1 Chennai JAI vs KOL CHE vs MUM
Oct 2 Chennai Rest day Rest day
Oct 3 Chennai DEL vs GUJ CHE vs HYD
Oct 4 Chennai MUM vs HAR CHE vs UP
Oct 5 Chennai CHE vs BLR
Oct 6 Jaipur JAI vs GUJ Wild card match
Oct 7 Jaipur Wild card match JAI vs MUM
Oct 8 Jaipur Wild card match JAI vs PUN
Oct 9 Jaipur Rest day Rest day
Oct 10 Jaipur Wild card match JAI vs DEL
Oct 11 Jaipur Wild card match JAI vs HAR
Oct 12 Jaipur Wild card match
Oct 13 Pune PUN vs GUJ KOL vs CHE
Oct 14 Pune CHE vs PAL PUN vs MUM
Oct 15 Pune BLR vs UP PUN vs DEL
Oct 16 Pune Rest day Rest day
Oct 17 Pune PUN vs HAR
Oct 18 Pune PAT vs BLR PUN vs JAI
Oct 19 Pune Diwali Diwali
Oct 20 Pune HYD vs KOL PUN vs GUJ
Oct 22-23 Mumbai Playoffs Playoffs
Oct 26-28 Chennai Playoffs

In this way, there is only one month left to kick off this association off. Another chance to witness the last 4 seasons. What's more, for the for every team's supporter and the team will face all the more stunning matches, as new 4 teams as of now in the PKL 2018. The sale is now Pro Kabaddi League 2018 for finished. Live Pro Kabaddi League on your mobile, TV and online streaming websites.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi Live Schedule 2018:

Here is the full schedule of Pro Kabaddi fifth edition and look at when your most loved team is with stunning activity with rivals. Also, clear, get the all possible medium to stream experience this alliance through TV channels, mobile, websites and to stream Vivo Pro Kabaddi.

After the successful fervor of Vivo supported PKL in last 4 versions, this up and coming class will get more kabaddi fans. And also, there is no denying that the 4 new teams, such as Team Team, Team Uttar Pradesh, Team Tamil Nadu and Team Gujrat will get more supporters this fifth edition, which will make all the more energising for the Indian Kabaddi followers.

For live streaming Pro Kabaddi, there will be a ton of choices. It is possible to stream them from your mobile and in the home, you can watch TV on Similarly, Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2018.

Pro Kabaddi Live: Everything You Need To Know About New Teams

This year there will add up to 12 Kabaddi teams to play in Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. Sports Master trusts the new 4 teams will give instructional difficulties to its rivals, as new teams are extremely specific Since then, that is definitely the version of the year.

# Haryana Steelers:

This new team of PKL 2018 is advanced by JSW Team. This team got Surender Nada who played from Bengaluru Bulls He is the need pick a protectence.

Cooperative people: Surender Nada, Neeraj Kumar, Mohit Chhillar, Rakesh S. Kumar, Babu M, Raju Lal Choudhary, Jeeva Gopal, Mahender Singh Dhaka, Surjit Singh, Wazir Singh, Ashish Chhokar, Deepak Dahiya, Prasant K Rai.

# Team Gujrat:

This team is possessed by Adani Wilmar Limited, which is advanced by Adani Team. They have wound up some brilliant marketing in their Close out However, Team Gujrat is yet to name the Pro Kabaddi League, it is unclaimed till now.

Cooperative people: Sunil Kumar, Sachin, Dange Sultan, Sukesh, Hegde, Aboxar Mohajer Mighani, Fazel Atrachali, Parvesh Bhainswal, Vikas Kale, Seoong Ryeol Kim, Rohit Gulia, Mahipal Narwal.

# Team Uttar Pradesh:

This establishment is possessed by GMR League Sports Private Limited in Lucknow. They've additionally got a solid team, which will showcase the challenge in this arrangement. Rajesh Narwal is an all-rounder and the principal need of this team.

Cooperative people: Nitesh Kumar, Sanoj Kumar, Rishank Devediga, Sulieman Kabir, Gurvinder Singh, Jeeva Kumar, Santosh BS, Hadi Tajik, Mahesh Goud, Rajesh Narwal, Sagar B Kirishna, Pankaj.

# Team Tamil Nadu:

This team additionally will be named who will play for Tamil Nadu and the proprietor of this is consortium-Iquest Enterprises Private Limited Likewise, amazing previous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar additionally claim this team. Along these lines, we plan to see this team will get much help from Sachin Tendulkar supporters.

Cooperative persons: Dong Geon Lee, Bhavani Rajput, C Arun, Anil Kumar, Vijin T, Vijay Kumar, Darshan J, Prathap, Ananth Kumar. Sanket Chavan, Amit Hooda, T. Prakakaran, Muruth M.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi Live Stream:

For live PKL 2018 with Smartphone, PC or mobile PC and TV can be streamed. Never get all possible results to observe Pro Kabaddi broadcast.

With Smartphone : Smartphone has turned out to be very helpful for live streaming stations and motion pictures. With the help of some applications Star Sports as a supported channel of Pro Kabaddi League, you will have the power to stream with Hotstar application.

Television Streaming : Unlike before the up and coming PKL likewise can be streamed from a similar authority. For Hindi critique Star Sports 3, Star Sports HD3 and Star Gold and for the English analysis Star Sports 2 and Star Sports HD2. Similarly, different stations additionally communicate the Kabaddi class, such as Suvarna Plus, Maa Movies, and Star Pravah.

Live streaming websites: For tablet or PC streaming All things considered, again for the live Pro Kabaddi League 2018 stream, you can hang in Hotstar official site. On this site, you will have the power to stream the majority of the PKL matches, exceptional clips and highlight too.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi Live 2018 Schedule:

From the authorities, it is slated to begin on 28th July yet there is no schedule for the publicity of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. However, it could be released within few days or before the beginning, we will refresh you here not long after the fifth edition PKL match schedule release.

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