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Happy Valentine Day Verses And Poems

Happy Valentine Day Verses And Poems:

Valentine’s Day is the Vacation of Romance and Love. Romance is love in its existing state, burn and animated. Valentine’s Day may feel like a holiday forced on us by the Greeting Card, Jewelry, and Floral industries, but the truth is that we have confirmed it because we recognize and value its purpose. Happy Valentine Day Verses.

Valentine Verses Short Valentine Poems are:

  • Love Is

    Love is amiable,
    Love is offering,
    Your love is the reason for my living,
    Love is you and me together,
    Go through the storms whatever the weather,
    Love is hot,
    Love is a delicate touch,
    Your kind words that mean so much,
    Love holds the key to my heart,
    Only you can open it until the end of time.
  • On A Special Day Like This

    On a special day like this,
    My love, I sent to you, my heart so pure,
    I could not live without you,
    You’re my life, my reason to live,
    You have my soul, my all, myself,
    To you I freely give.
  • ’til Your Heart Beats Next To Mine

    When the day is over,
    And the sun has gone to bed,
    I hope you think of me often,
    And all the things I said,
    For I’ll be ever waiting,
    Til your heart beats next to mine,
    You’re my precious darling love,
    My special Valentine.
  • Til Your Heart Reaches Mine

    Somewhere deep inside within my soul,
    There lies a part of me,
    That will always lie fixed and asleep,
    Just waiting to be free,
    Until I feel your touch,
    In hearing your heart beat time after time,
    That still and silent part of me.
    Will wait ’til your heart reaches mine.
  • To Be Where You Are

    My heart anguish to be where you are,
    My thoughts are with you still,
    I dream I am in your arms dear,
    Even though I never will,
    For another love, she holds your heart,
    I have the key no more,
    But I know no matter what path I take,
    You are the man I will always adore.
  • You Are The One

    You are the one that I have been waiting for,
    You have been sealed within my soul,
    And now, at last, I have found you,
    Finally, I now feel whole,
    Because part of me was missing,
    But now you are by my side,
    You are my anchor in the blast of life,
    My advisor and my guide.
  • I Loved You From The Day….

    I loved you from the day,
    When your blue eyes met mine,
    Across the room no other person,
    Mattered at that moment in time,
    And although we can’t be together,
    My heart will always be yours,
    You will always be my first love,
    And the person I will always adore.
  • Special Place Within My Heart

    A special place in my heart,
    Is waiting just for you,
    I know it will be still awhile,
    Before you say, ‘I do,’
    The love that’s locked within me,
    Is waiting to be free,
    For in your life and your heart,
    Is where I want to be.
  • My Partner

    We have had some bumps along life’s road,
    But we have always made it through,
    And I want to thankful from the bottom of my heart,
    As I give all my love to you,
    You have made my days much brighter,
    You have lifted each day with your smile,
    My life would be poorer without you,
    And I hope one day we’ll walk down that aisle.
  • Love And Harmony

    I am asking you to marry me
    I want you to be my wife
    We would live in love and harmony
    Together for the rest of our life
  • Love

    Love is precious; do not lose
    Love is special, hold onto
    Love is all always around you
    Love is you. Love is such a short word, yet can mean so much
    Love is your tender touch,
    Love is your cute smile, which I have not seen in a while
    Love is being only with you,
    Love is you. Love is walking hand in hand, to a far away land
    Love can mend a broken heart, so we never have to part
    Love knows you
    Love is you.
  • With This Note

    With this letter, I declare my love
    It is sent to you from heaven above
    The day I left you I saw your tears
    But I’ve always been there for you dear
    In time we will be together again
    And I’ll be waiting to hold you then

  • Just Say Yes

    I’ve bought the ring and wanted you
    To say Yes to me my dear
    Please let’s get engaged today
    And tie the knot next year
  • On St. Valentine’s Day

    I see you every morning
    On my way to work
    I see you in the evenings sometimes
    That is an extra perk I would love to get to know you
    But you never look at my way
    So I thought I would give this card only to you
    On this St. Valentine’s Day
  • I Want Us To Be Together

    I am so in love my face is aglow
    All you have to do is look at me, and you will know
    Together forever my true blue
    The love feel is just for youHappy Valentine’s Day
  • Be My Valentine

    I have had my eye on you for a while,
    and just a minor thought of you brings on a smile.
    I could not contain my feelings any longer,
    because day-by-day they keep getting stronger.
    So when the chance came along,
    I knew I just had to ask you to Be My Valentine!!!
  • My Darling Valentine

    Our eyes met, our lips touched
    knew then that you were mine,
    so on this day, I want to tell you
    I love you my darling valentine
  • Be Mine Forever

    This card I send to you today
    to ask you, to be mine forever,
    with our love so strong and true
    we can sit, and grow old together.
  • My Heart

    My heart belongs just for you
    I’ve loved you from the start,
    since we met, my worlds complete
    through life, we will never part.
  • My Love

    You’re in my heart
    wherever I go,
    you’re in my thoughts
    more than you know,
    so I’ve sent this card
    just to say,
    I love you babe
    Happy Valentine’s day.
  • My Valentine

    I love you when you distant
    I love you when you’re close
    and today I want you to know
    You are simply the
    One I Love the most
  • Something Precious And Rare

    I have something precious and rare,
    People search but never find,
    The love I have within my heart,
    Will be forever thine.
  • Greetings

    This Valentine greeting
    is a girl, who likes to share,
    your life, your love, your everything
    because nothing else can compare.
  • To My Secret Valentine

    To My classified Valentine
    Hope you have a precious Day
    One day we will be easy to tell
    Every one of our love
    But My Secret Valentine
    You know who I am
    Have a beautiful Valentines Day
  • Hopes And Dreams

    We walk along to the beach of sands
    You hold my heart in your hands
    You are my love, my soul of fire
    My love for life, my one desire
    Our hopes and dreams are together
    I know our lives are forever. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
  • My First Thought

    You’re my first thought in the morning
    my last thought at night,
    you’re everything in my life
    that’s wonderful and bright.
    Happy Valentines Day
  • Weak At The Knees

    I am here today just the same as yesterday the same as tomorrow and next week weak at the knees not able to speak as I am thinking of you and me Together we will be, forever I am sure as you are the only one, who makes me feel this way inside, to you, I want to run
  • Loving You

    You would make my day
    If you would, please be mine
    Say that you will marry me
    We would stand the test of time
    I would love you forever
  • Valentines Wish

    An extraordinary day just for two
    With a Valentine wish from me to you
  • I Want Us To Be Together

    I want us always to be together
    My love for you will last forever
    Time spent with you I always gold
    Accept you in my life is such a pleasure Happy Valentine’s Day

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